Phd thesis switched reluctance motor

Phd thesis switched reluctance motor

News and Updates. Our lab member Shiliang Wang’s paper titled “Efficient Multiphysics Modelling of Vibration and Acoustic Noise in Switched Reluctance.


Alignment of magnetic particles in the field direction – Numerical Simulation

This video shows the alignment of magnetic particles imersed in a Newtonian liquid under the application of an external magnetic field. The research code…  


Renewable Energy and Vehicular Technology Lab

EE Courses EE5190 – ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING GRADUATE SEMINAR. 1 Lecture Hour · 0 Lab Hours. Topics vary from semester to semester. May be repeated for…  


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UC Berkeley Power Electronics Group

Status Review of Advances in Hybrid Electric Vehicles Professor M. A. Rahman. Memorial University of Newfoundland and. St. John’s, NL, Canada A1B 3X5..  


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